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Mr. Ben and KiLoFri performing at Pickathon #21, August 2-4, 2019!

Before I was “Mr. Ben,” I traveled up to 300 days a year as a marketing rep and product specialist for Fender guitars.  I’ve been to literally hundreds of music festivals, big and small.  And frankly, I was jaded on the whole experience.  I was just done with music festivals.  I had no interest in going to any more myself, and certainly no interest in bringing my young son to a festival.  And then a few years ago, I had a chance to go to Pickathon…  Friends, I was forever changed.

I managed to luck into a conversation a few months later with the festival’s founder, Zale Schoenborn, who asked me if I’d help out wrangling many of the family focused programs already happening at Pickathon, and adding some others as needed.  My only question was:  “Can I book myself to play at Pickathon?”  When he assured me that would be fine, I was enthusiastically on board.

This will be my fifth year as the team lead for family programming at Pickathon, and each year I love the job and the experience a little more than the last.  I Can’t say enough good things about the experience of bringing kids to this festival, so I won’t try.  Just come and see for yourself.  Believe me, you will not regret it.

This year I’ll be playing two sets — One solo acoustic set, just me (possibly with a special guest star or two swinging by). and another set with the amazing Zazzy Zoe in our supergroup:  KiLoFri (Kind Loving Friends).