We will rebuild!

May 12, 2014

It seems I can add my name to the list of Portland musicians who have had the tools of their livelihood stolen form their car.

Please consider helping me replace the stolen items by making a donation at an upcoming Mr. Ben show, or online by clicking on the virtual tip jar emblem on the left side of this home page.

I lost:
1)  Guild acoustic / electric guitar with hardshell case
1) Mr. Ben ukulele (the first one ever made, and the only one ever made with a pickup in it.  That uke has played over 400 shows with me.)
1) Kamaka ukulele with hadshell case.
1) Suitcase filled with Mr. Ben merch

A complete PA system including:  RCF Powered speaker, Yamaha Mixer, three microphones, Fishman active pre-amp DI, all the stands and cables to go with it.  (I carried the mixer in a leather Fender briefcase that I’ve used for 15 years and is irreplaceable.)

It’s about $4,000 worth of gear, not including the cost of replacing the three smashed windows.

I make my livelihood with those tools, but mostly I make it with your help and generosity, which I now need more than ever.  Please consider coming to a Mr. Ben show this week and maybe leaving a little something extra in the tip jar.  Or even consider making an online donation right now.  Thank you!