May 14, 2014

Thank you, Friends, SO MUCH for all of your support and love this week.

You may have heard that my car was broken into over the weekend; around $4,000 in gear was stolen.

When I posted that news on FB and asked people for help, over $400 was donated in the virtual tip jar on this page in less than 24 hours.  It was amazing.

I don’t need any more financial support.  Thank you so much.

All I need, all I want, is to be able to continue to play live music for families in and around Portland and to teach music to my incredible and inspiring students.  It is the greatest job in the world and I am reminded daily how lucky I am to be able to call this “work.”

So if you want to support me, all I ask is that you bring your kids to a Mr. Ben show.  Most notably, you can join me and my “Band of Friends” this Saturday at 3:00 PM at the Hillsboro Library.  I’ll look for you — and of course I’ll have an unlimited supply of hugs and high-fives at the ready, as always.

Thank you friends.

Your friend,
-Mr. Ben